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WisnewskiSmith is a new name in the local accounting community but our strength is drawing on a balance of experience and innovation, enthusiasm and pragmatism.

After working together on a common group of clients for five years, we decided that we shared a mutual view of what a modern client focused practice looks like and decided that we would stand behind our names to guarantee a service that we would be proud of. We wrote a short article on why we decided that using our names was the right thing to do here.

We don't want to be a large organisation. We want to work along side and intimately know how our client’s businesses work.
We look for ways to introduce efficiency in to your accounting process. We want to leverage technology and put time into thinking about how we can add value and not just advise on historic tax obligations.
We believe in fair fees for an honest service. We are not the most expensive practice, but neither will we be the cheapest, as we offer much more than just a warehouse service. We are always happy to work around your budget and time availability, whether that means taking over the bookkeeping tasks, GST preparation and payroll filing obligations, or training you up to maximise your own knowledge and reduce your accounting reliance.
We are not tax aggressive. We believe we are very thorough, but understand that that tax system is designed to support all aspects and levels of our community. We will always act with your best interest at heart, but will also tell you when we feel you are moving outside the rules.
We work very hard, but it is not the most important part of our lives. We have passions that are outside the office and we work hard to be able to enjoy and participate in these.
  • Craig Wisnewski

    BMS (Hons) CA

    I have been in public practice since July 2005 and can’t imagine a job more fulfilling where there is an opportunity to help a diverse range of people and businesses every day.

    As the second youngest of twelve children, family has always been a central theme in my life. After being educated at Inglewood High School and graduating the University of Waikato with a degree in economics and accounting, I spent two years working in one of the Big 4 in Auckland before being drawn home.

    I enjoy being a “general practitioner” looking after our small group of rural clients, as well as a diverse commercial client base. My interests lie in technology, Trusts and the “big picture”. More recently I have started to undertake valuation work (although we offer a unique solution where Callum and I will work on valuations together, each bringing a different perspective to achieve a good balance). I have previously been appointed by the Courts as a receiver to help partners in dispute (at the time I acted for neither party, but once the dispute was resolved, was asked by both parties to be their adviser, so must have done something right!).

    I have held governance positions on education boards; locally within our colleges since 2009, and on regional boards based in Wellington. I am currently the treasurer for the Home and School Committee of primary school our daughters attend.

    I am married to Aimee, and we have three children, Isla, Olivia and Emma. It’s busy, but that helps me try to achieve a positive work-life balance. I played club cricket for many years and was fortunate to have experienced first class rugby as a referee.

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  • Callum Smith


    Born and bred in New Plymouth, I’ve only spent a brief stint living away from the Naki where I studied at Victoria University in Wellington. Once back, I began my accounting career in 2017. I spent five years learning everything I know about business and taxation from Grant Hassall and Craig Wisnewski at Duncan Dovico, before joining Craig to form WisnewskiSmith in 2023.

    Prior to accounting, I spent several years surveying in the oil and gas industry, which is an industry I am very fond of, coming from the oil and gas capital of New Zealand. Although I have a strong knowledge of rural accounting from my time at Duncan Dovico, Craig and I have decided it more beneficial for me to specialise in commercial accounting and advice, and to leave farming work to him, since our rural list is relatively small for a New Plymouth based firm. This format provides me with more time to upskill in specific commercial taxation law, in particular the land taxing rules, where I have helped a number of clients.

    I consider myself pretty handy in the IT realm, and I’m always keen to train clients up to maximise their use and efficiency with accounting and payroll software if it’ll make their life easier.

    I am a keen (but underwhelming) golfer, and an avid DIYer. My wife, Ellie, and I have renovated a couple of houses, and I’ll never turn down the opportunity to do some landscaping around the house, I’ll leave replacing kitchens to the professionals in the future though. Ellie and I have been together for over a decade and have been married since 2019. We have a young son, Ashton, who certainly keeps my time occupied outside of the office.

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